Nokia PC Suite

Software that helps Nokia users manage their phones from their personal computers

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Nokia PC Suite
Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite is a modern version of Nokia Suite that lets you do different tasks with your phone as you connect it to your computer. Though there are newer versions of the software available, this suite works with older phones and tablets. It syncs content across devices and enhances the overall performance of your phone.

The first time that you use the Nokia PC Suite, it will let you set up how you sync data. It lets you choose what information you want to sync between devices and how often you want the sync to happen. This lets you choose to sync devices each time you connect them or at select times.

This is one of the only software suites that will work on your bookmarks. Each time that you bookmark a page on your home computer, you can sync it to your phone. This lets you view the same websites on the go as you do at home. It works on web feeds also. This software can sync your calendar to help you keep track of events, your contacts to keep personal and professional phone numbers on hand and your messages to view texts on your computer screen.

You can also use the software to sync your photos. Have you ever scanned a photo onto your computer and wanted to share it without sending an email? This software can sync all the photos on your computer with your phone to let you send those pictures as SMS messages. It also moves all the photos from your phone to your computer. You have the option of choosing which photos to transfer too, and it works on videos also.

Choosing the update option tells the software that you want to check for any new updates that might be available for your favorite apps. While most phones today do this automatically, you never know when you might miss one. You can pick which apps to update and which updates to ignore.

Nokia PC Suite even comes with some recommendations from Nokia. When you check out those recommendations, you can view which apps and games are popular in the Nokia store and click a link to visit that store to learn more about those titles. If you see something you like, you can download a copy and instantly transfer it to your phone.

If you have a Nokia phone or tablet and want to transfer data to another device, you need a copy of Nokia PC Suite on your computer.


  • Makes it easy to transfer files and content between devices
  • Comes with tools to enhance your phone and make it perform better
  • Increases your usual transfer speeds
  • Works on all types of files, including videos, music and photos
  • Lets you select the content and data to sync


  • Only works with Nokia devices
  • May not work on newer devices that are compatible with a newer version of the software

If you have a Nokia cell phone, then you are likely going to have the Nokia Suite. This is the default phone management tool designed to connect your phone with your personal computer. By using a USB data transfer cable, connecting the phone to the PC for a charge or to transfer data is easy. With the Nokia Suite, there are no separate drivers to download. It does this all on its own, as well as updates the firmware of your phone. This makes management of the Nokia phone easy and dependable.


The installation wizard is easy to follow along and doesn't fool around with trying to install additional software that you may not need or want. The file size is reasonably small and depending on your download speed, only takes about a minute. After installation, the program will do periodic checks to ensure that the version running is the most up to date. If an update is required, Nokia Suite then asks for permission to download and update rather than assuming that you want the update.

File Management

Nokia Suite is designed specifically to work in conjunction with Nokia phones. With this function you are able to transfer the files from the phone to the computer as a backup or to create more space on the phone itself. Transferring files is easy and only requires a drag-and-drop operation. Photos, music, ringtones and even your application files can easily be moved and stored. No other software or functions are required. This makes Nokia Suite one of the most efficient phone management tools of its kind.

Tool Bench

Should you need to access the phone to change settings or even layout designs, Nokia Suite allows this happen. There are various tools at the ready to allow you to manage contacts, synchronize calendars and assign security protocols to your Nokia phone. This interacts best with Nokia phones and isn't recommended for use on other brands.

Nokia PC Suite

This is the upgraded version of Nokia Suite which has the same features as the older version but offers more. Specifically designed for Nokia phones, Nokia PC Suite has included other smart phones to its compatibility. This allows for a universal safety and protection and even greater use for more phones.


Nokia Suite is the choice phone maintenance tool for Nokia users. Updates are regular and the program is easy to use. This program isn't recommended if you have another type of phone as the program may not recognize other brands. The bench tools are an amazing feature that allow for user customization. Nokia Suite also includes a nifty ring tone maker that converts existing music or sounds into ringtones for use on the phone. These ring tones are immediately ready and assignable on the phone once the creation is complete.


  • Perfect Usability
  • Easy File Management
  • Great Toolbench
  • Ring Tone Converter


  • For Nokia Phones Only
  • Not the Latest Version

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